Minding the Gap. . . 

Today’s world is asking things from students that are not easily measured using traditional growth and performance tools. 


In “Skills for the Future,” you’ll find some of the latest research about the skills today’s students will need to succeed. This eBook showcases how using bulb Digital Portfolios helps a student develop the digital skills necessary to adapt to and thrive in the world today and brings the often-invisible soft skills to life. 


Digital portfolios are not only at the foundation of a student's education and career pursuits but an integral component of classroom instruction, right here and right now. 


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Learn how to #MeasureWhatMatters with bulb Digital Portfolios

a closer look at measuring what matters

bulb Digital Portfolios provides educators with comprehensive evidence of learning to deliver a higher rate of learning everyone can celebrate.

How does bulb Digital Portfolios prepare students for the future?

     •  Demonstrates knowledge

     •  Conveys deep thinking
     •  Showcases beautiful work
     •  Shares accomplishments completely and accurately

bulb Digital Portfolios is:

     •  Portable and owned by the student

     •  Affordable and efficient
     •  Easy to use - integrates with any system
     •  Safe and secure

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